Personal Styling

At December we are passionate about making everyone feel like the most confident version of themselves. Why not let us help you find your personal style adapted to your body shape and lifestyle,
giving you the tools to annihilate self doubt and feel amazing with every outfit you put on. Having a clear personal style takes the pressure out of what to wear each morning and makes shopping much more enjoyable.

Wardrobe Edit

How to build a functional and flattering wardrobe to make you feel your best each and every day. A curated wardrobe will empower you and represent your loves, passions and individual self. Everything hanging up truly reflects your style and lifestyle. Here at December we would love to guide you towards confidence and a new outlook, embracing who you truly are through your own unique style and clothing choices.

Colour Curation

There is a warm and a cool tone for every colour on the wheel, so everyone should essentially be able to wear any colour they like! Let us help you identify which of the twelve colour seasons you are, what undertones you have and create a colour pallet to complement your natural appearance.

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